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  Established in 1990, A - S Manufacturing, Inc. has grown into an industry leader in lubricant application technology. Factory-trained distributors can provide the knowledge necessary to make your lubrication project a success. A - S Manufacturing, Inc.ís goal is to keep your lubricant usage to a bare minimum, while efficiently applying enough lubricant to manufacture quality parts. It is important to key on such aspects as spray nozzle location, lubricant volume control, and proper timing.


Let A - S Mfg., Inc. , help start you on the road to proper stock lubrication...  

What is "Airless Spray"?
"Airless Spray" is a method of emitting fluids out of a spray nozzle WITHOUT mixing with air. Air is utilized to operate a piston to charge and discharge fluid from the stainless steel pump. The fluid is forced, slug by slug, through a spray line until desired lubrication is achieved.


From Shelf to Ship...

We guarantee that the utmost quality and workmanship will go into building your
  TeK-Spray/POLARAS lubrication systems.  We keep an ample stock of pre-assembled systems in our staging area which makes our delivery times among the quickest in the industry.

A - S Mfg. Inc.
P.O. Box 31388
Independence, OH 44131-0388
(216) 476-0654 (local)
(800) 659-1540 (toll free)
(216) 476-0656 (fax)

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