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Quality die lubrication at an affordable price!


Cam valve operates off of the press ram, no electrics involved
Push-button valve for single-hit, hand-fed operations
"ONE SHOT" lubrication
Standard or low-volume stainless steel piston pumps for longevity
1 to 4 pump capability
Portable or press mount available
Perfect for tool and die shops; tryout and short-run production
24-hour shipping in most cases*

The new EconoMizer die lubrication system form A - S Mfg., Inc.  is designed for micro to mini stamping applications where minimal lubrication is required.    The EconoMizer is affordable yet holds the same quality and integrity of more expensive systems by utilizing stainless steel piston pumps with burnished interior cylinders.  Standard magnetic, or QuickChange fixed nozzle assemblies can be used to ensure proper coverage of the desired area.  Low-volume pumps are recommended as the idea behind the EconoMizer is minimal lubricant usage.

Portable Systems
#EZ-1 1 Pump System
#EZ-2 2 Pump System
#EZ-3 3 Pump System
#EZ-4 4 Pump System
Press Mount Systems
#EZ-1-PM 1 Pump System
#EZ-2-PM 2 Pump System
#EZ-3-PM 3 Pump System
#EZ-4-PM 4 Pump System
Magnetic-based spray assemblies
QuickChange fixed spray assemblies
QuickChange mag-based assemblies
Magnetic base for operating valve
Caster set for portable EconoMizer™ System

VISA and MasterCard Accepted
The EconoMizer comes with our standard (6) month systems warranty, and lifetime pump guarantee against mfr. defects.
The above prices are quoted in U.S. funds

*  Always consult factory for shipping lead times.  Many systems can be shipped the same day provided items are in stock and ordered by noon

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