Optional Equipment


Magnetic Based Spray Assemblies...for portable, easy setup.  Assemblies are offered with 100# or 200# pull magnets; 6", 12", or 18" flexible spray arms; and a wide variety of spray tips depending on the application.  Comes standard with 10' of rigid spray line tubing unless otherwise indicated.

Electrical Options...for versatile operation of the TeK-Spray and POLARAS lubrication systems.  A limit switch can be mounted on a magnet for off-the-ram operation; a low lubricant level float control lets the operator know


Machine/Drum Mounts; Floor Stands...Machine mounts are of 11 gage stainless steel construction and easily bolt to the surface of most presses. Floor stands allow the TeK-Spray/POLARAS reservoirs to sit high enough off of the floor to easily drain fluids. Drum mounts are of 10 gage steel and fit snug on top of most conventional oil drums.



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