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POLARAS Systems...

Polaris Lubrication Systems
  • Apply and control precise mounts of  lubricant to critical areas at specific time intervals
  • Cut lubricant waste and improve housekeeping
  • Improve productivity
  • Use for drawing/stamping, roll-forming, tube cut-off, light machining
  • Affordable and easy to maintain

Can be used in a wide variety of applications.  Both standard and low volume pumps are available.
POLARAS  systems can be made portable or installed as a dedicated machine.  They are economically priced and simple to use.

Polaris Lubrication Systems  

2-1/2 gallon capacity
5 gallon capacity
15 gallon capacity
20 gallon capacity
Operating Valve
Pump construction

Pump finish
Fluid capacity

Filter construction
On/Off switch
Power On indicator
Pump metering chart
Systems warranty
Pump warranty


4 pump max
8 pump max
8 pump max
Stainless steel with drain
Norgren 2.0 cv
3/8" w/gage
Stainless steel components with (2) seals made from Viton® on piston
Burnished interior walls
.042 oz max (standard)
.020 oz max (low vol)
Non-collapsible, stainless steel mesh
6 months
Lifetime "Zero Defects Guarantee" against manufacturer
defects on the pump body components.
POLARAS Lubrication Systems are compatible with most any brand of press control/programmable limit switch; or, a mechanical limit switch can be installed prior to shipment which will operate from the ram of any press.  Several electrical options are available to enhance the capabilities of the POLARAS Lubrication System.  Programmable Timer and Counter modules make POLARAS a versatile and easy-to-use system.

Magnetic-based spray assemblies are available for portability and easy set up.  For a more permanent set up, QuickChange spray assemblies with "fixed mount" brackets can be installed to existing tooling.

For further details on how POLARAS Lubrication Systems can cut lubrication usage in your operation,
(800) 659-1540.


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* POLARAS stainless steel pump components are guaranteed against
manufacturer defects for the life of the pump.

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