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QuickChange Fixed Mount Spray Assemblies...  
For permanent "In-the-Die" installations.  From the design stage, nozzles can be worked in as a "component" of the tooling.  With existing dies, QuickChange fixed mount nozzles with quick connect fittings are utilized for easy die changeover and Total Lubrication Control...

At the design stage, or with existing tooling, "IN-THE-DIE" lubrication improves die life and part quality by applying lubricant to critical-wear areas where proper lubrication is required.


Since nozzles are interchangeable, several spray pattern configurations can be used within all tooling or within the same die itself. For applications where space for installing in-die nozzles is limited, several fixed bracket nozzles can be attached to the outer portion of the die shoe while utilizing quick disconnect fittings.
Spray nozzles can be designed as an actual "component" of tooling directly in locations where lubrication is required.  QuickChange fixed mount spray assemblies can be used on existing dies for easy changeover.  This process fits in with the "QUICK DIE CHANGE" concept as quick disconnect brass/stainless steel fittings are used to connect all spray lines to the nozzles located within the tooling.  When the "IN-DIE LUBRICATION" is used in all or a majority of a stamper's tooling, it's just a matter of unplugging spray lines when taking a die out of the press and reconnecting spray lines when the new die is set into place.

Spray Tip Coverage Chart

Spray Tip data based on testing that was performed with a soluble oil, diluted with water, at a 4:1 ratio with an air pressure setting of 80 PSI.  Any increase in viscosity will alter Sprat Tip coverage.  This coverage data was based on nozzles pointed straight down at the material 6" away.



110 Degree Flat Fan
  80 Degree Flat Fan
  50 Degree Flat Fan
  25 Degree Flat Fan
  15 Degree Flat Fan
TG2 Cone
TG1 Cone
TG0.7 Cone
TG0.5 Cone
TG0.3 Cone
.0003 Pinpoint
.0001 Pinpoint

15" x 2" Pattern
11" x 2" Pattern
8" x 1-3/4" Pattern
4" x 1" Pattern
2" x 1" Pattern
5" Diameter, full round
4" Diameter, full round
2" Diameter, full round
1" Diameter, full round
1/2" Diameter, full round
Straight stream
Straight stream



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