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Most often used in heavy-duty, automotive-type applications where spray nozzles are located a far distance from the system itself.  TeK-Spray systems are ideal for multi-station transfer operations and applications where heavier viscosity fluids are being used.*
Control Knobs and Indicators 


2-1/2 gallon capacity 4 pump max
5 gallon capacity 8 pump max
20 gallon capacity 12 pump max
Reservoir Stainless steel with drain
Operating Valve ROSS 4.2cv (Norgren 5.0 on 2-1/2)
Air FRL 1/2" w/gage
Pump construction Stainless steel components with (2) seals made from Viton® on piston
Pump finish Burnished interior walls
Fluid capacity .042 oz max
Filter construction Non-collapsible, stainless steel mesh
On/Off switch Standard
Power On indicator Standard
Systems warranty 6 months
Pump warranty** Lifetime "Zero Defects Guarantee" against manufacturer
defects on the pump body components.

TeK-Spray Lubrication Systems are compatible with most any brand of press control/programmable limit switch; or, a mechanical limit switch can be installed prior to shipment which will operate from the ram of any press.  Several electrical options are available to enhance the capabilities of the TeK-Spray Lubrication System.  Programmable Timer and Counter modules make Tek-Spray a versatile and easy-to-use system.

Magnetic-based spray assemblies are available for portability and easy set up.  For a more permanent set up, QuickChange spray assemblies with "fixed mount" brackets can be installed to existing tooling.

For further details on how Tek-Spray Lubrication Systems can cut lubrication usage in your operation,
(800) 659-1540.


A - S Mfg. Inc.
P.O. Box 31388
Independence, OH 44131-0388
(216) 476-0654 (local)
(800) 659-1540 (toll free)
(216) 476-0656 (fax)

* Consult factory when applying lubricants with a viscosity of 750 sus or higher.
** TeK-Spray stainless steel pump components are guaranteed against
manufacturer defects for the life of the pump.

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